Summers Woodworking is proud to announce it's Second Annual 2x4  Competition!

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Last year they asked “What Inspires You to Woodwork?”. This year, they are asking you to inspire the future generation of woodworkers. Submit a video for the Nordys Video Contest and show how you are inspiring the future generation of woodworkers!

This is my entry to Rocklers - What I Do To Inspire Future Generations To Woodworking Contest.
Voting ends Feb 27th. 

They announced the winners the week of March 4th. I didn't win anything this year. I was not even mentioned in this years Nordy's Highlights Contest Video (below). Everyone else that entered was mentioned, but somehow I was not included,

Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals has a Very Special video this week. He Has teamed up with Xiaonan Sun of ThePortraitArt to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Xiaonan drew the portrait and Steve made the frame. Please consider bidding on this piece here
Watch Xiaonan's video
More about this project

This build challenge is all about testing your creativity, skill and ingenuity. The challenge is bout what you can do with a single piece of 8 foot length 2" x 4" pine? This piece of wood is your artistic canvas! Turn this bland material into something beautiful!

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