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Hello, I am Brian Gidney (Summers). I have been woodworking for over 29 years.

I own and operate Summers Woodworking, Brian's Tool Reviews, The Summers Woodworking Show, and Global Woodworking Alliance.  I Moved from Idaho in 2011 to New Mexico. I operate out of a small shed I call my shop. It is 8'x20'. It may be small; however, I get a lot of my projects done in there! If you are interested in how I got started into woodworking click the read more button.


Summers Woodworking's Second Annual  2x4 Competion 2014 is running May 1 - May 31, 2014 and is open to everyone!

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If your new to woodworking, and would like to learn visit our Learning Center. Our learning center features articles and videos on how to get started in woodworking.